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 Money System

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Caleb Paul

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PostSubject: Money System   Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:22 pm

No, you don't really need to do too much at all.

As far as sponsors go, you don't need to be on the money for how much the sponsor makes in a year, its just kinda common sense, and I doubt many of you have any level 2 or 3 sponsors.. lol.

If you somehow suck so bad and go into debt, and can't recover it in a 2 race period, you will pay it off with points.

Also if it starts to affect field counts or other important things after 5 or so races, this sytem would most likely be dropped.

Start Money - $1,000,000
Car - $125,000
License - $2,500
Number - $2,000
Entry - $3,000

Cost Per Event

Tires - $18,000
General Car Upkeep - $25,000

Body Damage [Minimal - 5,000] [Medium - 15,000] [Heavy - 30,000]
Drivetrain [300 dollars per gear blown] [23,000 for complete drivetrain failure]
Engine [75,000]

You may take out two 40,000 loans during the season.
You can only take your second loan 6 races after the first loan.


You may have up to 5 primary sponsors in a season, everytime you add a sponsor, you will need to pay for it depending on the level system below:

[Level 1]
- Your sponsor makes 50mil a year or more.
- Must finish in the top 10 at least once every entered 3 races or sponsor drops them.
- Sponsor pays 200,000 a race.

[Level 2]
- Your sponsor makes 35mil a year.
- Must finish in the top 15 at least once every entered 4 races or sponsor drops them.
- Sponsor pays 100,000 a race.

[Level 3]
- Your sponsor makes 15mil a year or less.
- Must finish in the top 25 at least once every 4 races or sponsor drops them.
- Sponsor pays 50,000 a race.

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John Sanderline
Solstice Member
Solstice Member

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PostSubject: Re: Money System   Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:42 am

This is gonna be really interesting! Haha. Can't wait!
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Money System
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