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 How do you launch your programs?

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PostSubject: How do you launch your programs?   Tue May 01, 2012 2:05 pm

As long as I'm posting my desktop (in that other thread), I'd like to know if anyone uses the stupid start menu to launch programs.

IMO the start menu is stupid and loaded with shit-ware. Its like a garbage dump for windows programs.

Look at the shit they put in there.

Uninstall. Uninstall WHAT?
Visit Papyrus. Yeah, visit a 10 year old website that no longer exists.
Read me. -__-

Yeah, Ok. Theres NO WAY I can sort through all that shit to load programs. I started cleaning up the menu, but the shit just keeps coming back. And I don't want a desktop loaded with icons that I RARELY ever use.

So I compiled all my icons into a neat little list on the taskbar. I'm PROUD of it. No clicking the start button first. I go straight down and click "app" and boom, anything important is right there. (I wish I could click on the WORD app instead of having to click on the tiny arrow, but thats how it goes)

As for games, although I like seeing their icons on the desktop, there is really no need for it. I made a special "toolbar" just for games. This is, of course, a gaming computer. Again, its not as impressive as seeing all your games on the desktop, but it clears the clutter.

I'm proud of the way I have things set up now and I believe this is the only way to use a computer.

P.S. shit
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How do you launch your programs?
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