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 Indianapolis 500k [125 Laps]

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Dan Mackay
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ARCA Driver

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PostSubject: Re: Indianapolis 500k [125 Laps]   Tue May 29, 2012 1:49 pm

way to fail quote bro
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PostSubject: Re: Indianapolis 500k [125 Laps]   Tue May 29, 2012 1:55 pm

Jake Poulin wrote:
NASCARGearHead wrote:
It seems you overlooked every thing I said in my post. "but ok"

not really, I responded to every one of your points in my post. then you just turned it back into the unwritten rule thing.

I actually agree with not giving laps back after a certain point, but you cant use 10 laps as a gauge for every track and race, we could race at a roadie with only 25 laps in the race and you could fall out for almost half the race, lose 9 laps in 20 minutes and get them back? or if we are running a short track and you could lose 10 laps in a 100 lap race in less then 5 minutes and you don't get them back, or in this case you lose 30 laps out of 128 and I only ask for as many laps as to get behind the last car running. which would be only 22 laps, which I think is reasonable for the length of the race. and like I said, I would have passed the cars that wrecked out whether I got laps back or not, there was still 100 laps left in the race.

I'm done arguing because obviously I'm getting nowhere and am just pissing myself off even more.

We're also thinking about doing 10% if you fall out. So on a short track, you'd have 10 laps to get in, or in a 128 laps race, you'd essentially have 13 laps to try like tonight. Maybe the most we could think about would be 15%. It will be looked at. As for from now on, as is admin's discretion, this is now an official rule and will be put into the rulebooks for all series, and set in stone.

Solstice Racing main Admin.
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Indianapolis 500k [125 Laps]
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