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 Official Cat & Mouse Rules/Discussion

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Davey Alli-Rudd
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PostSubject: Official Cat & Mouse Rules/Discussion   Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:54 am

Cat & Mouse is a game type commonly found in Forza Motosports games. Due to Smiffs Den's Ferrari exe, we now have the ability to play the game on nr2003.

In Cat & Mouse, the object is to get your team's 'mouse' across the finish line before the other team's 'mouse' does the same. 2 or 3 teams of cars work together playing defense or offense to get their mouse to the line first.

The mice run the GT cars (Porsche or Ferrari in AD_67) which are slower than the regular cars. The mice HAVE to run the Ferrari exe.

The cats, whose responsible for getting their mice to the line first, either play defense in that they protect their team's mouse or play offense and attack the other team's mouse.

Due to the mice's slow cars, they are subject to a 5 second head start somewhere ahead of the cat's starting point.

It is fair game on the subject of contact in that pretty much anything goes. Mice can wreck other mice. Cats can wreck other cats. Anyone can pretty much wreck anybody on the opposing team.


1. 1 mouse per team, must have even amount of drivers on each team.

2. Mice must be in slower cars via exe and/or slower setup.

3. In the case of odd number of cars, someone is freelance and does whatever.

4. If a mouse gets stuck somewhere on the track or is thrown outside the track, the opposing team's mouse must finish the course in it's entirety.

5. Cats can do whatever it takes to get their team's mouse un-stuck.

6. No crying.



Example of game:

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Official Cat & Mouse Rules/Discussion
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