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 Hey guys. CRI Racing drivers may remember me.

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Solstice Member
Solstice Member

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PostSubject: Hey guys. CRI Racing drivers may remember me.   Sun May 05, 2013 9:42 am

Hey guys,
Good to see a league like this is still alive. I know a lot of you guys that ran CRI Racing back in the days of 2009 and about February 2010, probably remember me Jordan Buster. I was about 13 years-old when I last ran with the majority of you guys. Back in the day we had some great racing that I can remember. I had a lot of fun running there. It was a great system and organization that produced great turnouts and great racing. I don't even remember what came through my mind back on that day when I decided to "go off" on the whole CRI Racing league. Maybe I felt I was getting pushed over because a lot of you guys were slightly older than me? I don't know. Thinking about it now, it seemed ridiculous to give up like that.

From what I've heard is that CRI Racing pretty much became Solstice Racing all together. I've also been told before that I still have a bad reputation here. If you guys would let me, I would like to change that. I'm 17 years-old now, feel more mature than I was before and wanting to earn my respect back from you guys. If you guys let me, I would like to race again with you guys. In fact, start over. When I first raced with you guys, I had absolutely 0 wins in the bag...I now have 54 career NR2003 wins within the past 3 years. Winning at places like Openspeedway, UNSR, and etc. I've raced with a few people that race at those places that still race here, I believe. Such as Chris Wetz, Jake Poulin, Chad Mikosz, and I believe others. If you ask them, they would know how I race now, and hopefully it's their positive perspective of me.

If I was allowed to race here again, I would not be able to race a lot, due to my go-karting season coming up again. But if you guys would let me, I was considering to race the Proline Cup Series Mountain Dew 300k that I was invited to over Facebook. I only ask if you guys give me a second chance to race with you all, and reverse my bad reputation to good.

-Jordan Buster
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Solstice Legend
Solstice Legend

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PostSubject: Re: Hey guys. CRI Racing drivers may remember me.   Sun May 05, 2013 11:12 am

Great to see you back. You've always been welcome to race here, I've been trying to get you back for a while lol. What happened back then was really none of your fault, we treated you like shit, even though you did you some noobie things, which everyone did when they were new, you were also there at a bad time when a lot of stupid shit happened at CRI, that eventually led to the migration over here. Looking back I feel bad that I was a part of it and it shouldn't have gone as far as it did. You've always been welcome to race here and I think everyone else feels the same way.

And Sunset-CRI-Solstice are pretty much the same leagues just with different administration.


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Hey guys. CRI Racing drivers may remember me.
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