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 I hope you wanted a BRAND NEW .cam Nazareth (Updated)

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Derek Justis
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Solstice Newbie

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PostSubject: I hope you wanted a BRAND NEW .cam Nazareth (Updated)   Fri Jan 17, 2014 12:29 am

Remember when I was testing Nazareth Setups on Both Game Track and the updated Nazareth_Speedway. I liked the Nazareth _Speedway Version but the Camera angles looked a little off (The separator view was literary a face full of car lol) and the Game track Nazareth the track was just a dump but the camera angles were Fucking Awesome!! Then I thought load the angles from the game track on to this one but, that turned out to be a disappointment cause the drive-by cams were way out beyond on were they need to be. Showing nothing but trees and signs but lol.

So the I started working on the Nazareth CAM file just for shits and giggles. I copied the game track Cam file over the Nazareth_Speedway.Took me a about 15-25 mins to figure out the center of the Track and Start/Finish cause its a little offset from the game track. Just a little trail and error. Luckily I figure out that you don't have to start and exit the game every time you make a change (I didn't know if you knew that). All in all, I got done with all the cams in about 3-4 hours. Here is the file and tell me what you think. I hope you're impressed with it Smile

Note: This a first time messing with cam files. I hope to do more in the future!

Here you go!! Drop this into your Nazareth_Speedway folder and replace the .cam file.


The final update to the Nazareth. Got the Spectator view to zoom-in instead being a stationary view from the spotter building. (I had to use a little trick up my sleeve). download/pqlo8q6kc5uzm85/
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I hope you wanted a BRAND NEW .cam Nazareth (Updated)
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