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 Season 13 Mandatory Templates & Carfile Manager

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PostSubject: Season 13 Mandatory Templates & Carfile Manager   Season 13 Mandatory Templates & Carfile Manager EmptySat Nov 08, 2014 2:30 am

This is the Official Template/Carfile Thread for Season 13 of the Pro-Line Cup Series.  These templates were created by Taylor Smith, Jeffery Stanton, Steve Rada, and Chad Mikosz at BIG EVIL Racing.  All contingency decals were created by Chad Mikosz.  

Here are the rules:

1. The 2014 BER DMRNNS templates are the MANDATORY templates for this season.  No questions asked.  This must be used.  We are not running any updated manufacturer's decals (Dodge/Toyota), since they have not run yet.  

2. We will be using Last names on the Banners.  You are only allowed to use your last name, unless there are people with the same last name/initials (i.e. Dylan Smith/Dudley Smith).  

3. The new Pro-Line License Banner and Spoiler layers are mandatory.  They are used to indicate which license a driver has.  If you are unsure of your current license, please visit this thread:
This season, the Defending Pro-Line Champ (S12) will be using a GOLD banner.  That Driver is Adam Codol.
Also, we are not running different banners (Green or Patriotic).  

4. This season, the Solstice Race car, Pro-Line Cup Series, and BER Pole Award contingencies are MANDATORY!  You may use other decals, such as those on Nationwide cars as well, or logos from last season.  

5. Chad Mikosz has created a "Winners" decal for those who win races this season, like the Sprint Cup Series.  Only drivers who win races (In S13) can run these decals.  You get 1 decal for each win (On Driver & Passenger Side).

6. Numbers/decals are NOT to be placed over the headlight/taillight decals (Except Contingencies).

7. NO PONY AND/OR INAPPROPRIATE SCHEMES!  If you have a problem with this, please contact a Solstice Racing admin.  

8. Manufacturers may not be claimed as a sponsor.  Anyone can run a Manufacturer as a sponsor (Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Toyota etc).

9. If you do not have the required layers on your car before race time YOU WILL NOT be allowed to run the race. These templates are posted early again, so get your schemes done.  This rule will actually be followed this season.  

10. If you have any issues with these rules, feel free to contact me or any other admin to discuss those concerns.  I will not deal with people mocking/whining about the rules on race night.  It's happened enough during season 10/11/12, and I have no problem removing those who like to cause issues.  

Links to Templates & Font (.PSD file, 2048x2048)

Chevy Camaro: download/rwx7oba40ujbp24/SRLs13_BER_Camaro_DMRNwS.rar

Dodge Challenger: download/e21z55vshq3c2it/SRLs13_BER_Challenger_DMRNwS.rar

Ford Mustang: download/bh24e9txpsdhdb2/SRLs13_BER_Mustang_DMRNwS.rar

Toyota Camry: download/2w15zob3g46axw8/SRLs13_BER_Camry_DMRNwS.rar



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Season 13 Mandatory Templates & Carfile Manager
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