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 Explaination of Class systems

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PostSubject: Explaination of Class systems   Explaination of Class systems EmptyTue Jan 31, 2012 10:02 am

As you may notice, different members have different colored names on the forum. This was something we put in place about a year ago but never kept up with. This year we are going to pay more attention to this system. The system Works as follows

Moderate Drivers
Newcommers to solstice racing, and developing drivers will fall into this catagory. These drivers are Limited to the Nationwide and Truck series with a few exceptions. You may Compete in ANY Proline Cup Series race with admin approval, also all SS races are open to everyone. We ask that drivers from other leagues to race at least two weeks in our lower series(that means 2 Truck and 2 Nationwide) or any combination of 4 races before getting a chance to race in Proline.

How to rank up to veteran?
once you have shown us that you can consistently race competitively without with causing wrecks/spinning or making stupid moves all the time, This doesn't mean you just pussyfoot in the back the whole race. The key for ranking up out of Moderate is effort, you need to show that you really want to race, If we see that you are trying very hard to get better, things will go along alot easier, don't ever give up. It may only take a few races for someone to rank up, it may take longer. Don't get down on yourself if your a newcomer and can't keep up. The Solstice Racing group has been racing together for more than 3 years, you're not gonna be as fast as the veterans your first time out!

Veteran Drivers
Drivers that have proven themselves to be a clean, and competitive driver with experience will fall into this category. This is where the majority of the racers here will fall

How to Rank up to Pro Class?
Pro class is an exclusive title for our drivers, you need to be extremely dedicated to earn this rank, we don't just give it out, winning a championship will most likely get you a ticket to the Pro Class

Pro Class Drivers
The Best of Solstice Racing, Champions and multiple Race winning drivers with years of experience will fall into this Category [u]

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Explaination of Class systems
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