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Checkers for Kids 250 Charity Broadcast Race, Sat. Oct 17 FInzoqm

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 Checkers for Kids 250 Charity Broadcast Race, Sat. Oct 17

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Jason Justis
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Checkers for Kids 250 Charity Broadcast Race, Sat. Oct 17 Empty
PostSubject: Checkers for Kids 250 Charity Broadcast Race, Sat. Oct 17   Checkers for Kids 250 Charity Broadcast Race, Sat. Oct 17 EmptyMon Oct 05, 2015 8:28 pm

First off, I would like to thank bakes991 for granting me permission to make this announcement on your forums. Thank you very much.

If you are a part of the NR2003 Fans page on Facebook, I made a similar post there concerning this special event.

Back in April of this year, a few of us in my league were joking around under a caution, throwing around ideas like how it would be nice to recreate some of the ideas that NASCAR has used in the past to promote special races. Who here remembers the Looney Tunes cars that graced the Chevrolets during the fall night race at Richmond about 12 years ago? That was a program that went on for a couple years, then fell by the wayside. How about the time a few years later that Muppets characters were on several drivers' cars during the race at Chicagoland? The media was all over that since drivers had "appearances" with their associated Muppet, and kids not only got to see their favorite drivers, but see them standing side by side with cartoon characters come to life. How cool would it be if we as an NR2003 community were able to recreate that experience, but pull it off on an even grander scale?

First the idea came to have cartoon characters on the cars and hold a league race where everyone runs a special paint scheme with a wide variety of characters. Then the idea turned into, "How about we make it a broadcast race so we can showcase the incredible artistry designs that the NR2003 painting community is capable of?" And finally, that idea transformed into "Let's make it a broadcast race, and let's do it for charity, and make it so ANYONE can join in, not just ones within our league. This is bigger than one league, and let's treat it as such."

Last week, I was finally able to announce a date for this broadcast race. Thanks to the fine folks at DRTV, this will be a 50% race at Talladega, and the broadcast race will take place on Saturday, October 17th at 8:00 PM EST. The race will be called the Checkers for Kids 250, and the entry fee to sign up will be $10. However here's the important part...


That's right, all money raised will be given to charity to help raise money for this awesome charity and organization.

For some of you that are friends with me on Facebook, you may have noticed that I recently changed my profile pic to that of The Hulk, and when I noticed the trend of having comic book characters taking over people's profile pictures during the month of childhood cancer awareness month, I felt like there was no better time than now to get the news of this race out there to push that agenda to try and make a difference.

So what about the event itself. What mod, track, etc is this going to consist of?

Track: Talladega_2015_BP - download/frrtufbqjc4khqi/
Setup: download/d7rg5jvt7lvxpcf/Checkers+for+Kids+250.cts.sim
We tossed around a few ideas when it came to what type of track we wanted to race at for this event. In the grand scheme of things, the whole idea is to raise money for a good cause, which means it's all about the kids. The best way to raise the most money is to choose a track where the most people have the chance to win and do well, and there's no track that provides such an even playing field than the most popular track in the NR2003 community. This version of Talladega is incredibly smooth, has the most up to date physical features, and isn't too straining on people's machines. Furthermore, it'll put on an incredible show with so many characters in the mix working together to create interesting fantasy storylines.

Mod: DMRNNS13ss_cts - download/vvclti1c58udfd1/
The goal was to choose a mod that not only was something recent, but also provided a wonderful canvas for creating some awesome character-inspired paint schemes. The fact that we've been using this mod in BP's Monday Night Superspeedway Series for over a year played some part, but between being a mod that isn't too terribly difficult to paint (from what I've heard, anyway) and a mod that has a good damage model, near perfect alignment with the hit box for drafting purposes, and being a Nationwide model car that still closely resembles to what can be seen on TV today in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, this should give our viewing audience a relatable experience combined with fantasy schemes they won't find anywhere else. Plus, it shouldn't have to be said that 'cts' physics provide the best racing on a plate track, hence the '_cts' extension on the mod.

SMS Lobby required.
In the interest of providing a fair, honest and level playing field, all race (and any necessary qualifying races) will be contested on a cheat-detection server provided by NRT Servers and be connected to through SMS Lobby.

Entry Fee: $10, non-refundable
In order to participate in the festivities for this week, we are requiring a $10 donation to a specified PayPal account, from which we will provide image proof of one large lump sum donation to St. Jude Children's Hospital at the conclusion of the event. We are expecting to attract more than a full field of 36 drivers for this event (after you include the 4 slots required for the DRtv broadcast crew), and with that expectation comes the planning of having at least two qualifying races to set the field for the main event, and those qualifying races will be the Friday night before the broadcast race.

However, we need to make one thing perfectly clear: regardless if you make the main event or not, the $10 donation that secures your entry into one of the qualifying races is NON-REFUNDABLE!!! Because all proceeds raised from this event will be forwarded directly to St. Jude's Children's Hospital, your donation will never go to waste, and you can rest assured that it is toward a good cause.

Paint Schemes: Any cartoon character, comic character, video game character or children's character in general
There is one simple rule regarding characters that we would like to see on paint schemes for this race; if you wouldn't want your 4- or 5-year old son or daughter, nephew or niece to see a particular paint scheme due to the nudity, graphic content, or controversial issues it is associated with, then it is probably not a good choice to have that character as part of your scheme. In addition, choosing a collection of characters, a TV show or a brand of cartoons to host on one scheme is also out of the question. We would like each car's paint scheme to feature just one character prominently, as opposed to several at once. This allows for more characters to be used instead of taking away options for other drivers to choose from when painting their schemes. We will come up with a long list of sample characters that would be good to choose from at a later date, and when signups open, we will start crossing off characters as drivers choose them.

Just think of the possibilities that are out there when the announcers try calling this race...

"Super Mario and Miss Piggy just worked the high lane out of turn four and drafted right by Iron Man and Spongebob Squarepants three wide!"
"Donkey Kong just ditched Thor in the middle groove and jumped in front of The Joker and Roadrunner in the bottom lane trying to get to the front."
"Looks like Wreck-it Ralph just wiped out Bowser and Ultron coming into the pits on the punt cam.."
"Kermit the Frog just pushed Elmer Fudd past the duo of Princess Elsa and Sonic and into the lead as they begin the last lap..."
"The Hulk just triggered the Big One, and out of nowhere Pac-Man squeaks by Mickey Mouse coming to the line to take the win."

Cartoon characters from Disney, Nickelodeon, Pixar, Looney Tunes, Muppets and many more...
Comic Book characters from DC Comics, Marvel, and whatever else is available...
Video Game characters from Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, and a host of others...

This could really be one of the most special things that the NR2003 community can be a part of, and we are happy to finally get this announcement out there! Signups are open now at this link.

Once again, thank you for your time.

Checkers for Kids 250 co-organizer
Jason Justis
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Checkers for Kids 250 Charity Broadcast Race, Sat. Oct 17
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