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 2010b-2011 Rulebook

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PostSubject: 2010b-2011 Rulebook   2010b-2011 Rulebook EmptyTue Oct 05, 2010 2:50 pm

Race Day and Time:
Monday Nights
7:30 PM et

Setups: FIXED
Practice: 30 Mins
Happy Hour: 10 Mins W/ a drivers meeting.
Race Length:25%
Pit Frequency: 2x
Damage: Moderate
Full Pace Lap: Yes
Yellow Flags: Yes/No
Double File Restarts: Yes
Weather: 70 degrees clear no wind.



If you are the first person 1 lap down after a caution came out, you are Luckydog, in the case of being one, you must speed down pitroad 10 mph more then the actual pace speed to get EOLL (End of longest line). You will then receive your lap back on the green of the restart. We also do not have any wave arounds, so don't ask.


If you cause a caution, you must go EOLL, if you cause a second one, you must park your car. Argue with the admins about it, you might get suspended for a race. If a crash is deemed a racing deal, both the cars involved must go EOLL as well unless a admin thinks its a true deal where no one could do anything. You are allowed to have one racing deal along with your two cautions. If you cause any crashes under pacing, you will either be asked to park it, or be tolled on to your caution total.


If you receive a black flag from pitting under green, we will NOT clear it. If its under a caution or restart, in most instances we will clear it.

If you intl. wreck someone in the remaining laps of a race, you will be either asked to park it, or ejected on the spot and face a possible suspension. If its after a race, we will not care as long as you don't trash the winners car.


In most cases if you are going a lap down, and the leader is obviously faster than you, you must yield high for them. Unless the admin tells you otherwise, which might happen sometimes on the road courses. So pay attention to your spotter/F2 and the chat for the admins word on where you should go if your going a lap down.


If the server crashes during the race, and we can't get the server back up within a 15 minute window, we will call the race official, if we can get it back up within 15 minutes, we will resume the race on the proper lap, and hopefully the same positions. If the race is less then 50% completed, and we can't get the server back up, we will attempt to find a night that will work for everybody to resume the race on, if we cannot do that, we will re run the race at the end of the season.


If a admin tells you that your warping, and wants you to go to the back of the pack, do so. If you do not heed the words of the admin, you might be ejected. If you cause a crash from your warp, it WILL be blamed on you.


You can have 4 people on your team full time along with a extra 5th team member if he runs half the season. Your team can also be allowed to run different makes as well.


All paint schemes/crews must be PG-13, no porn will be allowed on the car. Otherwise, other sponsors like Budweiser and such are allowed.

You are allowed to choose numbers from 0-999, the #12 is retired. Numbers must at least be on the end plates of the back wing, and the nose.


We will race back at all times if a caution comes out, If you cause a wreck coming back to the line it will be tagged on to your caution toll. After we cross the line, just let off the gas, and don't slam on the brakes.



Cautions will be on at all times on the ovals, the same causing cautions rules apply.

Under a caution the same rules apply as always.


The flagman will start the race/restart, not the leader. If you jump a restart, you might either receive a black flag/eoll.

We will do double file restarts, which means we will stay single file under the caution flag till we get the 1 to go from the flag man. Odd numbered positions are on the inside, even on the top. Simple as that.


Blocking is not allowed till 10 to go. Low Lining is allowed at all times, though all tracks will have at least 2 lanes, so use the high line.

ALSO, no pinching people down is allowed AT ALL. Give the car below you at least a half of a car width between you and him, for he doesn't hit the apron and slide back up into you. If you cause a crash from pinching someone down, you might get a EOLL.

You are allowed to go below the white/yellow line on the ovals, just as long you do not do it in the turns. If you cause a wreck by doing so in the turns, you will be given a EOLL. If someone is clearly below you going into a turn on the apron, let him up. If you do not and it causes a crash, you will both be at fault.



Cautions will be off for all the road course races, instead, we will have simulated cautions, say like we have a 3 car crash where all 3 are heavily damaged and or flipped, the admins will say C or CAUTION in the chat, indicting that its out. Since the admins will all be racing, the members will have to help us with the crashes, such as by saying C with a reason why there should be one thrown.The admins will always have the final wording on if there is a caution or not. Once the leader has crossed the line, he/she will slow down to 35 mph along with the rest of the field behind. Just like a normal caution.


On the start of all the road course races, we will have standings starts. Basically its like this, We follow the pace car around till it pulls off as normal, and when the green waves, stay off the gas. We will line up in the grid spots on the track, and then the admin will count down 3-2-1-GO in the chat. DO NOT type anything in the chat 10 seconds before the countdown, if you do, you might get a penalty. If there are no grid spots on the track, we will line up by having car #1 a half car length ahead of car #2, which will be off set to the left of car #2, who will be offset to the right. Everyone will do the same on back.

When we have a restart, everyone will line up double file 3 turns before the line. Every restart will be going green on the S/F line. If someone jumps it, they will be penalized.


Blocking is allowed at all times.


After each road course race, we will have a 4 lap shootout with the top 5 from the main race. The winner will be awarded a extra 4 bonus points towards the championship. Only the leader is awarded points. This shootout will be about 5-10 minutes after the actually race. If one of the guys from the top 5 cannot make it, the next one out of the top 5 will be allowed to race in it.



We will use a pretty basic points system. Heres how its setup.

POLE: 1 Extra point

WIN: 2 Extra Points

1. 12 pts (without the extra 2 pts)
2. 11 pts
3. 10 pts
4. 9 pts
5. 8 pts
6. 7 pts
7. 6 pts
8. 5 pts
9. 4 pts
10. 3 pts
11. 2 pts
12. 1 pts

So pretty much every spot you race for, is a point.

There will be 4 championships, they are listed with the info below:


This will be the overall championship to decided whos been the best the whole season.


This is the championship for the guy that has had the most success on the ovals.


This is the championship for the guy that has had the most success on the road courses.


This is the championship for the guy thats had the most success in the 4 Quadruple crown races. Which are as follow:

1.Surfers Paradise
2. Indy 500
3. Spa
4. Montreal


LPP's are not going to be used this season because of the point system, but you are allowed 2 subs.

R.I.P. Dan Wheldon #77
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2010b-2011 Rulebook
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