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PostSubject: Rules and Information   Rules and Information EmptyMon Jun 28, 2010 9:35 am

Teams this season:
1. You are allowed to create a team, or simply join one if it is ok with that team.
2. Your team will only be allowed a max of 4 drivers.
3. Your team and teammates must drive the same make and model car.
4. Only the numbers 0-99 will be allowed. Three digit numbers will not be accepted. The number 3 is still retired.
5. All cars will need to be submitted in the "Car Files Thread" NOT in your team thread. After race number 3 the thread will be locked

General Rules:
1. Each race will be admined by myself this season. I will also at times as for some help.
2. Bumping is racing. If you get bump-and-runned, deal with it it's racing.
3a. Self Spins: If you self spin, you will have to get an EOLL penalty where you will go down pit road and speed by NO MORE than 10 MPH.
3b. Crashes: If there is a wreck on track and you cause it, you will need to get an EOLL Penalty. If the wreck wasn't seen by me on the track, i will ask others if they can give me a short summary of what happened. If nobody can answer, i will view it after the race, and give the correct penalties there and have the points edited.
3c. Intentional Wrecking: If i see any of it going on, you will be ejected immediately no matter who you are. I do not want to see any of it going on... Please dont make me do that. Also if you follow it up with an argument, ill be happy to ban you from teamspeak until you tell me you've cooled down (:
4. We will be going back to the 90's so there is no blocking, and you may race back. But, if you cause a crash coming back to the line to take the caution, you will have to get EOLL aswell.
5. If there are access roads leading on/off pit road, you must use them. Do not merge until the access road allows you to. It may change depending on what type of track it is.
6. There isnt going to be a rule where you have to keep quiet during the race on teamspeak, its fun to have conversations. Only on restarts and necessary times where you will be asked to be quiet.
7. There will be 2 restarts if there are failures at the beginning of the race.
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Rules and Information
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