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 2012 Solstice Racing Rulebook

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PostSubject: 2012 Solstice Racing Rulebook   2012 Solstice Racing Rulebook EmptyFri Jan 27, 2012 1:42 pm


Race Day and Time:
Thursday Nights
Practice starts at 7:00 PM et

Setups: OPEN
Practice: 1 Hour
Happy Hour: 10 Mins W/ a drivers meeting.
Race Length: 25%
Pit Frequency: 2x (1x for superspeedways)
Damage: Moderate
Full Pace Lap: No
Yellows: Yes (simulated Cautions)
Double File Restarts: Yes
Weather: 70 degrees clear no wind.

2011b Solstice Rulebook

1. Yellows

First off, we do not use the in-game cautions. One of the 3 main race admins which will either be CP6, AC33, NB9, or JP21 One of us will say "Caution is out, raceback."

If we think you cause a caution from avoidable contact you will get a EOLL, DO NOT speed down the pits, you can just drop to the back because we are just using simulated cautions.
We do have a parking rule, If you cause 2 cautions then you must park it. If you also wreck under caution it will go towards your caution count.

When a caution comes out, DO NOT race back unless there are 10 or less laps to go. If you cause a wreck racing back to the line, you will also get an EOLL and a count towards 2 cautions.

Also, NO screwing around under caution, yes it may get boring, but screwing around can lead to wrecks, angry drivers, or longer cautions.

If two cars crash at any time in the race, we will throw a caution, If we have 3 single car incidents such as: single car spin, Significant contact with a barrier, or a flip. An admin will determine if an incident is significant enought to count.

Once we cross the line for 2 to go there will be NO CAUTIONS NO MATTER WHAT "point of no return" will be said In race

If the caution comes out before 2 laps to go we WILL go past the scheduled distance to finish the race under green. There will be only ONE attempt at a Green White Checkerd. make sure you pit before the in-game checkered flag comes out or you will not be able to pit. Once we cross the line for 2 to go there will be NO CAUTIONS WHATSOEVER

2. Penalties

If you feel the need to retaliate against another driver, you may do so only once, consider it as your only strike. The driver you retaliated against will also get one chance to get you back. Or vice versa. If either of you get anyone else involved while doing so, or go beyond the 1 strike limit, you will be ejected and suspended for one week across all series and placed on a 5 week probation.

There will not be a yellow line rule this season, but this doesn't mean you act like a idiot and go below the apron in the turns at places like daytona and talladega and expect to pass someone.. much less make it out of the corner. Also if someone is below on the apron, you better let them up or your probably going into the wall.

3. Restarts

We have double file restarts in this series. We will go green when the leader crosses the start-finish line, And you will be allowed to pass as soon as the green is out, you will be asked to double up when we reach the line at 1 to go.

4. Fighting/Wrecking

If you have a problem with a driver, please hold your words till after the race, and speak with me about the driver you have had a issue with. If you do have a outburst during the race and or wreck the driver I'm ejecting your ass from the server. Same with teamspeak. Also have respect for other drivers.

5. Race Chatter

I don't mind chatter under caution unless its a bunch of screaming and stuff like that, but please keep it quiet under green, unless your telling someone your pitting, low, high, etc.
If I hear a whole bunch of chatter from you I will ask you to stop, and if you do not listen I will ask you to leave, and if you don't leave, your ejected.

6. Driver ID Rules

You will
be required to use your real name to race in this series. Example:

Wheeler, C_Wheeler, CWheeler, etc.

This will be your driver name for the whole season, I do not want to have to change your name in the
standings because you decided to change your name.

7. Car files, Pit crews, and Paint jobs

You must send in your carfile to the car files thread

3 digit numbers are NOT allowed

Please keep the paint jobs and crews PG-13, I do not want to see any porn on the cars.

Please make sure you have at least a number on both doors, and the roof.

8. Server Crash

If the server crashes or there is a mass internet failure we will do the following:

We will try to get the server back up within a 10 minute window and resume the race. If we cannot get the server back up and running, we will postpone the race to a later date.

9. Lap car rules

All lap cars will be asked to get an EOLL by dropping to the back of the pack before the RS. If the leader is approaching you during the green, please yield the preferred line. If you attempt to block him you might be black flagged.

We have luckydogs in this series, which means if you are the first person a lap down when we get a caution, and you didn't cause it, you will get your lap back and start at the end of the longest line. We also have wave arounds in this series, which means if we have a caution, and you don't pit, you can go around and get your lap back.

10. Warping Rules

You must have a ping of 230 or below to race in this series. if you do not have a stable connection and the admin feels you maybe a problem racing around people, you will be asked to park it. Unless you are able to fix it before race time.

If you start warping mid-race you will be asked to drop to the apron and to the back of the pack

NEW AS OF 5/28/2012
11. Missing the Start or Falling Out Rules

When you enter a race late or fall out of the race, if you do not get on track within 15% of the distance, you will not be able to get any laps back.

*NOW OFFICIAL* If you fall out of the race, or miss the start of the race, if you get back in within the time frame given, you will be able to receive all of the laps back you have missed except one.

12. Team Rules and Sponsors

You are allowed to have 4 full time drivers on a team, with a 5th team that's only allowed to run half the season.

Sponsors are first come first serve, and sponsors from season 4 will carry over. Only
primary sponsors count.

You may only have 5 PRIMARY (hood) sponsors, and 10 paint schemes and 10 carfiles for the whole season unless its for a special event, or something else. PM me if you want to run another car.


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2012 Solstice Racing Rulebook Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2012 Solstice Racing Rulebook   2012 Solstice Racing Rulebook EmptyThu Jun 14, 2012 7:58 pm

Updated intentional wrecking rule.

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2012 Solstice Racing Rulebook
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