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 2017 Solstice Racing Rulebook

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PostSubject: 2017 Solstice Racing Rulebook   2017 Solstice Racing Rulebook EmptySat Nov 08, 2014 5:32 am


Every driver is allowed, but rookies and Intermediate drivers will be watched in practice. If your driving is not up to standards, you will be asked to watch the race.

Date: Thursdays
Official Practice: 8:30 PM EST
Qualifying: 9:00 PM EST
Drivers Meeting: 9:05 PM EST
Race: 9:20 PM EST
Race Length ~30%
Cautions: YES, Simulated
Restarts: Double File
Restart Order: Lead Lap, Lap Down, Penalty.
Weather: Variable depending on track type.
Caution Clock: Hahahahaha.


  • Adam Codol, Keith Sherman, and Nick Baker are your main Administrators. This means in race, off track, teamspeak and forum. Anything they say, goes.

  • Brandon Lambert is your Production Coordinator. He helps with tracks, setups, social media posts, and in race calls.


    • Getting spun by another car will count as a caution on tracks if we admins deem it's necessary, otherwise it will count as a single car.

    • 3 Self Spins warrant a caution.

    • Cars that are involved in a single car incident will not be counted more than once in a run.

    • The caution is officially out when an admin says "CAUTION IS OUT" in race chat. We will also say it in teamspeak at the same time.

    • When we call a caution the field is frozen, slow down to pace speed, UNLESS there is 10 laps or less to go, then you race back to the line for position.

    • We will announce when pit road is open and or closed. It is set in stone, even if it could have been thought of otherwise.

    • On tracks 2 Miles or bigger, if everyone pits the same lap, we will make it a quick caution and go green the next lap.

    • The first car a lap down will be awarded a lucky dog. He or she will pit with the leaders and line up at the end of the lead lap line, in front of lap down drivers.

    • If you are a lap down when the caution comes out, please fall behind the lead lap cars before we pit. Pit with the leaders, and you will be scored your lap back when we go green, if you are the lucky dog.

    • If you are a lap down, and you choose to stay out, you will be awarded the wave around. You may not pit, as that is the requirement of taking the wave around.


    • We will go past the scheduled distance to finish the race under green if it is 3 or more laps to go. It will be a " point of no return green-white-checkered".


    • On the initial start we will go on the green flag.

    • In the Proline Cup Series, the initial start on road courses will be a STANDING start.

    • We will line up double file for a restart. We will move to single file restarts if cautions become too frequent.

    • Lapped cars will be EOLL unless they are ahead of the leader, then they will get the wave around, and will line up behind lead lap cars.

    • The LEADER starts the race in the restart zone marked on the track. Do not jump the leader. Passing the leader before the line is okay as long as you did not start before the leader. (I.E.) he spins his tires.

    • Lap down cars will line up behind lead lap cars.

    • Penalty cars will line up at the very back, behind lead lap and lap down cars.


    We do not use the in game caution system, we do "simulated" cautions.

    • A yellow flag will be triggered when:
    • 2 or more cars involved in a single (contact created) accident (i.e. the big one).
    • A flip/rollover/barrel roll.
    • Three Single Car Spins
    • A contact spin held necessary by admins.

    • Short tracks (<1 Mile) - 15 Laps
    • Intermediates (1.0-1.9 Miles) - 10 Laps
    • Big Tracks/Roadies (2.0 Miles+) - 5 Laps


    • On tracks that have a clearly defined commitment cone you MUST abide by commit cone rules. The game will give you a 30 second penalty if you miss it when you pit, but if you make the cone and try to fake pit afterwards you will be given an EOLL penalty.

    • You may fake pit, but if there is an incident between you and another driver because of your decision, you will be given an EOLL penalty.

    • When pitting, especially under caution, stay to the RIGHT of the dotted line on pit road. Do NOT try to get under the car in front of you unless your stall is coming up and you are sure that your stall is before theirs.

    • If there is a track glitch that gives you a 30 sec penalty you will be able to get your lap back if you get lapped in the pits. If this happens to everyone, it will continue on as a normal pit stop, just with the added 30 second wait. (Think of it as a break.)

    • Merge where an admin tells you to in drivers meeting, at Daytona and Talladega you may merge in turn 1 if we are in the middle of a green flag stop cycle. Do not merge if a pack is coming, watch your F2 and stay low until the field passes.


    • If you wreck a numerous amount of times in a race (avoidable contact or self-spinning) you will be asked to park. Admins will review wrecks and determine whether or not it was worthy of a penalty.

    • Each incident caused by a driver will result in an EOLL penalty. If a wreck is deemed as a racing deal, no penalties will be assessed.

    • You will not receive the lucky dog if you cause the caution, the next car in line will.

    • If you cause a crash past 3 laps to go you may be given EOLL after the race, pending admin discretion.


    • Keep chatter to a minimum, but general talk is allowed. If an admin tells teamspeak to quiet up for a while, do so.

    • Do NOT talk during qualifying. Common respect.

    • If you are arguing you will be warned.

    • If you continue you will be muted until the next caution.

    • If you do it again you will be kicked from Teamspeak for the remainder of the race and/or ejected from the race.

    • Excessive post race arguments will result in a time ban (1 hour or the rest of the night).


    • If you feel the need, intentional wrecking is somewhat allowed. DO NOT involve anyone else or you may be parked. If you wreck the same person more than once, you will be parked and you may be suspended for whatever amount of races the admin's decide on. Bottom line, it's allowed to an extent, but not encouraged.

    • There MAY be penalties more severe than an EOLL for intentional wrecking based on the severity on the incident at the admin's discretion. ie: Lap penalty, park, probation, or suspension.

    • If you attempt to intentionally cause a caution, you will be given a 10 point penalty and placed on probation for 3 weeks. Multiple offenses could result in a suspension.


    • In the result of the server crash we will try to get the server back up and continue the race with the amount of laps left. Cars retired may not re-join the race.

    • If you fall out of the race and come back within 15% of the race length (usually 15-20 Laps) you will be scored all but 1 lap back and may earn the lucky dog the next caution.

    • If you fall out under a caution and come back before we go green, that is okay, and if you fall a lap down, you can be added back to the lead lap but you will have to restart at the tail end of the field.

    • If you are warping, you will be let known of your problem and you should take proper action to stay away from other drivers.


    • Cars do not have mandatory templates or contingencies this season. Enjoy.

    • If your car is damaged by a skydiver during the pre-race you may make repairs without penalty.

    • Number must be displayed well enough to see.


    You will be scored points based off of this system. (also found in each forum's sub information thread)

    1. 46
    2. 42
    3. 41
    4. 40
    5. 39
    6. 38
    7. 37
    8. 36
    9. 35
    10. 34
    11. 33
    12. 32
    13. 31
    14. 30
    15. 29
    16. 28
    17. 27
    18. 26
    19. 25
    20. 24
    21. 23
    22. 22
    23. 21
    24. 20
    25. 19
    26. 18
    27. 17
    28. 16
    29. 15
    30. 14
    31. 13
    32. 12
    33. 11
    34. 10
    35. 9
    36. 8
    37. 7
    38. 6
    39. 5
    40. 4
    41. 3
    42. 2
    43. 1
    Bonus points:
    Lap lead: 1 point
    Most laps lead: 1 point
    Pole win: 1 point
    max points= 49

2017 Solstice Racing Rulebook E9b2b7
2017 Solstice Racing Rulebook 2vxos34

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2017 Solstice Racing Rulebook Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2017 Solstice Racing Rulebook   2017 Solstice Racing Rulebook EmptyFri Jul 17, 2015 5:30 am

A couple of rule changes from this week are highlighted in blue. Please review.

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2017 Solstice Racing Rulebook
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