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Cory Spencer
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Street Stock Racer
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PostSubject: Rules   Rules EmptyThu Jun 24, 2010 2:51 pm

Tuesday Nights
9:30 PM EST (8:30 PM CST)

Setups - FIXED
Practice - 30 minutes
Happy Hour - 10 Mins (5 Mins for Drivers Meeting, 5 Mins for Practice)
Race Legnth - 30%
Pit Frequency - 2x
Damage - Moderate
Full Pace Lap - Yes
Yellow Flags - Yes
Double File Restarts - Yes
Weather - 70ยบ Clear


1. You must sign-up in Sign-Ups. Please give your real name, number, sponsors, and make & model.
2. There will be NO FLAMING PERIOD. That includes in forums, TS, and game chat.
3. Serious Practices - Practices will be taken completely serious from this day forward. Practice is for exactly that, practice. Wrecking and playing demo derby will not be tolerated. If the wrecks get out of hand, we will be ejecting people from the event.
4. Testing - Testing days will be posted on the forums. Testing will be serious testing only. If you are there just to screw around, you will be ejected. We will test tracks & setups for the following week.
5. Points - We will be using the NASCAR Points system, There will be 10 drivers In the chase, With NO Bonus points for a win.

-Teams & Cars
1. You may create or have a team.
2. Each team can have no more than 5 drivers. This includes swapping drivers in and out. You shouldn't be rotating 6 drivers each week.
3. Each team must use same make & model (real only).
4. You may use numbers between 0-99. No triple digit numbers.
5. Once a sponsor or number is taken, no one else can use that number or sponsor.Unless they ask for permission.
6. Numbers are owned by the teams. When the next season starts, the team that owns the number may use it again or pass it up. Same for sponsors.
7. Each team is allowed to own no more than 5 numbers.
8. Each car can have no more than 6 Primary sponsors, You may have as many associates as you want, You may also share Associate sponsors as well.
9. There will be no more than 12 cars per driver.
10. All cars need to be posted in the "Car Files" topic.
11. All cars must be posted before 6:30 EST on the day of the race.
12. Rookie stripes will be mandatory if this is your first season.

-Subs & LPP's
1. You are allowed 3 subs during the entire race year.
2. You are allowed 3 LPP's during the entire race year.

1. Respect - If you can't show someone respect on the track, verbally or racingly, there will be a penalties given. If you are in a stupid argument during a race, you will be given a warning, and if continues you will be given a black flag or ejected form the race or team speak. If you can't respect people while racing, then you will be given a warning, and if it continues you will be ejected from the race. Respect goes a long way, and if you give respect, you're going to get back.
2. Each race will be adminned by Cory Spencer & Caleb Paul.
3. Bumping is racing, don't get mad if you are bumped. If it was intentional, & there was wreck caused, the person will be black flagged.
4A. In the event of a caution, everyone must SLOW DOWN!!!. There is no racing back to the line until 10 to go.
4B. If the caution comes out with under 10 to go, you will race back to the line every time. If the leaders are passed the start finish line and the caution comes out, you will race back until they take the yellow flag at the line.
5. If we the admins feel that a caution is needed even with the game didn't bring one out, we have the right to throw one.
6. Lucky-Dog - is in affect. When the caution comes out, the first person 1 lap down will get their lap back. To do so, the person will be asked to pit the second pitting lap & will speed down pit road by only 10 mph over the pit road speed limit. Anything over 10 mph & you will receive a black flag and not re-claim your lap. Then after your pitting, you will start at the end of the longest line, and the Admin will give you your lap back.
7A. Intentional Wrecking - Intentional wreck under green will be a Suspension. Under yellow EOLL unless more cars involved then Ejection possible suspension.
7B. If a driver is suspended or warned for intentional wrecking they will be placed on a 2 week probation period. During that period if they commit any violation resulting in an ejection they will be suspended pending further notice.
8. Self Spins/Cause Wreck - If you spin your self or cause a wreck once, you be asked to start at the end of the longest line if it brings out caution. 1 Self Spin or wreck, EOLL. 2 Self Spins or Wrecks, you will be asked to park your car. Failing to comply with these rules and you face the same outcome as Intentional Wrecking.
9. These will be double file restarts each and every restart. The leader has the choice of outside or inside. No passing before the line at any start or restart. You must stay 2 wide until the start finish line. If anyone goes high or low to make a pass before line will be giving a black flag.
10. Blocking will be allowed at all times @ your own risk.
11. Low lining will be allowed at all times @ your own risk.
12. Field Lock (Super Speedways Excluded) - The field will be locked at 15 racers each week in a race. The top 10 in points will be locked into the race automatically. The other 5 people that will allowed in will be based off of the Q run and the practice times. This way we ain't got people just filling up the roster.
13. All wrecks will be reviewed by the Admin(s) & they will decide the outcome.
14. There will be 1 restart within 5 laps ONLY If half the field Is taking out.
15. Have Fun and Good Luck!!!

-Team Speak-
1. You will be expected to follow all forum rules when on ts. This includes swearing, flaming, and being a complete idiot. You will be warned 1 time, if you keep on you will be kicked.
2. During league races do not scream and yell at each other this goes especially for practice.
3. If a wreck happens during a race DO NOT START SCREAMING. Remain quiet so that the admin can determine what actions to take. I f an admin asks you about an accident then you may tell him, otherwise keep chat to a minimum.
4. If ts chatter gets out of control the channel will be moderated.
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